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Asana is project management software. It offers a variety of functions that can help you manage a project regardless of what you are working on or how big of a team you are working with. It is highly flexible and offers a wide variety of potential functionalities that can help you manage whatever you are working on. 

Any project management software must have some basic and advanced functions to work, and Asana absolutely has these. It allows you to assign work, create goals, manage a timeline, create forms, and more. On the backend, it also allows project managers some impressive analytics, enabling them to track workload and see who is doing what types of work. This can make managers feel much more comfortable in keeping track of who is doing what work.

Asana is cloud-based and you can access your entire portfolio from the internet. This, of course, makes managing your projects from anywhere a breeze. This also makes life much easier if you take advantage of Asana's ability to upload programs and files, as you can use its storage space to do just that. 

Asana is a very scalable program, and it works if you have a business of just one other person or if you have a business of thousands. This is also very affordable: Plans are only $24.99 a month, even if you are using its business plan, and they are actually completely free at the basic version. That's right: You can use this program forever if you are running its simplest version. As you would expect, more expensive plans allow you to employ more users and give you increased functionality, like the ability to create customized forms, rules, and more. 

Furthermore, as you would expect out of software like this, Asana comes with highly popular and well-reviewed apps. These apps ensure that you can easily manage your projects from a mobile device. 

By and large, users love the program. They have repeatedly praised its user interface as being easy to learn, although there have been some concerns expressed with how easy it is to navigate at points. There have also been concerns expressed about minor functionalities, like adding subtasks in some projects and improving the analytics software. However, by and large, people love the program, and it is easy to understand why people have repeatedly given it five-star reviews. 


  • Comes with an impressive array of programs that can make life much easier for anyone who wants to manage programs.
  • Cloud-based, allowing access from anywhere.
  • Highly flexible plans, so the program works well for anyone, regardless of their business size.
  • Comes with apps.


  • Some minor concerns have been expressed about the intuitive nature of its user interface, nothing that these could be easier to manage. 

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Task Management
  2. Connectivity
  3. Visibility

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Versioning
  2. External
  3. Public Sharing
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